BHG Consultants is a unique provider of business support services located in Clark County, Ohio. What makes us unique is that we offer Human Resource and Administrative Management services for businesses as well as individual mentoring and career coaching to those seeking employment or career change. We also match individuals to organizations for short-term, long-term and permanent assignments based on the needs of the employer.

BHG will work with your business to ensure that employees are well-trained and that the needs of the business are met.

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BHG Consultants is owned and operated by Rebecca Benston of Springfield, OH. She has over twenty years of administrative and human resource management experience. In addition, she is a published author who also runs Books from Higher Ground Publishing.

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Who Actually Sees Your Resume?

Depending on the size and type of organization to which you are applying, human hands may never actually touch your resume.  Many businesses use software which scans the document for certain keywords related to the job openings that they have posted and if your resume doesn't contain those key terms, it will be automatically marked as disqualified.  Even if you have all the right skills, if you haven't presented it in terms that those programs can "understand," the HR department may never lay eyes on your resume. 

This is the biggest reason why BHG Consulting does not encourage the use of fancy layouts and fonts to present your qualifications to potential employers.  It is always best to focus on stating your qualifications as clearly and succinctly as possible in order to ensure that you get past the first layer of reviews.  We believe that a clean, well-stated resume is 100 times better than one that is showy and filled with what amounts to our own opinion of what we can do.  State your case simply, plainly, without seeking to send the employer off on a wild goose chase to find your skill set on the document. 

Our advice to you is that before you spend hundreds of dollars to have a larger firm "fancy up" your resume, call BHG and let us help you put together a resume that accurately depicts your skills and abilities and is designed with an eye toward getting past the resume screening programs and into the hands of an actual interviewer.  Once you have your resume, we can also help with interview prep and job search.  Take a look at our list of services and get in touch with BHG today!  

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